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Company Profile

Matila Machinery(Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.  is a join-venture company, which under the management of Matila Industries Company Ltd. from Taiwan China; Relying on Taiwan Matila technology deposition in the field of blown film machines for more than 30 years, Matila Machinery (Jiangsu) mainly focusing on R&D, manufacturing of high-end film blowing machines, provides cost-effective blown film machines and professional engineering film blowing service to markets of Asia-Pacific and mid-Asia.

The typical film blowing machines Matila Machinery (Jiangsu) provides are: single layer blown film machines, AB double layer film blowing machines, ABA/ABC three layers blown film machines, ABCDE/ABCBA five layers film blowing machines, specialized agricultural films blowing machines and super wide industrial films making machines for materials of LDPE/LLDPE/PP/EVA etc.

Following the step of quality insistence from Taiwan Matila, Matila Machinery (Jiangsu) looks forwarding to growing together with you.


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